We all know that our justice system often fails to provide proper support to the people in its care. More must be done to protect people and communities who are harmed by our current prison and policing systems.

We know a big issue is that there’s not enough transparency about what’s happening, and this can make it difficult to uncover and advocate for needed change. We also know that change often happens as a result of people speaking out about their experiences and sharing stories about what they’re seeing.

With this in mind, Aotearoa Justice Watch provides a way for people to record issues they are experiencing or seeing in the policing or prisons space. Because transparency is important we’ll provide information on the types of issues people submit on – this way the information can be used by everyone helping to advance change. Any information released will be anonymised so no person who has submitted can be identified.

It’s important to note that Aotearoa Justice Watch doesn’t investigate individual complaints.