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Who are we?

Aotearoa Justice Watch is a group of independent organisations that care about justice and human rights. 

We believe that more must be done to protect people and communities who are harmed by our current prison and policing systems. 

What is the aim of the project? 

We all know that our justice system often fails to provide proper support to the people in its care. We are particularly concerned about people in prison, and people who have interactions with police. 

We also know that stories about our justice system can help us to build something better.  

We want to provide a safe way for people to tell their stories.  

How does it work? 

After you fill out this form, your information will be submitted to Amnesty International, where it will be held securely. You can choose to be anonymous if you wish. No identifying information will be published without your permission. We will comply with all obligations under the Privacy Act 2020. Please refer to our privacy statement here. 

Your information will be used to help identify issues in our justice system. This information could be included in campaigns, reports or articles. 

We encourage you to use existing channels for complaints (including through prisons, the Ombudsman, or the Office of the Inspectorate, and for police the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA)). 

Please note – we cannot provide legal advice or investigate individual cases. 


To report an incident or raise a concern please fill out this form.

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It can sometimes be helpful to include quotes directly from people impacted. Do you consent to your response being quoted with identifying details removed?


Do you also consent to being contacted for further information if needed? This will not affect your anonymity. 


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Thank you for sharing this information with us. All of us have a role to play in building a better justice system, and we really appreciate your efforts to do this with us. 

The information you have provided may be used in public reports but we will make sure you are not identified. If information is provided that reveals a real risk of future, significant harm to you or another person, then we may need to take steps, including letting a person or agency who can help know.


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